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"I intend to find out something of the nature of the workd throught seeing.
Or maybe I only intend to prolong my delight in seeing."
- Gretna Campbell, painter

Watercolour Painting

Mask This course will introduce the basics of watercolour painting. Various media and techniques will be introduced. Emphasis will be on rendering skills, such as light, shadows, shapes, forms, tonal values and compositions. Colour theory will be examined as an integral topic throughout the course. Focus will be on still-life and architectural interior. If weather permits, there will be one or two out-door sections on landscape or cityscape. Selected work by artists of various periods will be introduced and discussed. Students will be able to experiment with various materials and techniques but will be encouraged to develop their own style. There will be in-class exercises, home assignments and group critiques. Some basic drawing skills required.

Illustration by Aries Cheung © 2003
Watercolour on paper