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Students' Comments: vases

“I have been taking drawing classes with Aries Cheung since September 2004, and he is one of the best art teachers I have had. Aries provides concrete and very helpful feedback to his students, including pointing out positive aspects of our work as well as specific pointers for how we might improve. He also keeps our classes interesting. We have done a wide range of challenging exercises in class that have been fun and helped me to develop a deeper understanding of the drawing process. Finally, Aries is always encouraging and flexible in his approach and always willing to accommodate special interests of students. I have learned a lot from his classes.”

Cynthia Pay, art student
Artwork by Cynthia Pay

Vases“Aries is a very enthusiastic teacher who obviously loves his job. He takes care to give each student feedback, guidance, and encouragement in class. He explains skills very well drawing on demonstration, verbal explanation of the technique, explanation of the science behind technique, and examples of work. Aries also encourages us to borrow from his extensive book collection. He is always keen to help students explore individual areas of interest, whether it's using different media or specific styles of drawing. Aries informs us of local art events, and he has organized field trip activities.”

Alisa Pay, art student
Artwork by Alisa Pay

"I have been taking art class from Aries Cheung for over a year. He not only inspires me to explore and expand my creativity by trying all forms of media from watercolour to pencil, acrylic..., he also always gives me lots of encouragement. He provides me with very important tips and techniques which are of tremendous help to beginners like me. I am grateful that I am given the free hand to choose my own comfortable learning approach where I can suggest topics or areas that I can explore on my own while he continues to give me advice and feedback.

I enjoy every single class, the warm atmosphere that Aries generates and of course his patience and trust in my potentials. I will highly recommend anyone who is interested in art to learn from Aries, a thoughtful, talented and well rounded art teacher. "

Yuen Hing Tse, art student
Artwork by Hing Tse

“Aries is an insightful teacher. I think that because he observes and "studies" his students well, he can quickly see what you are trying to do in your work. Complementing that, his honesty, which shows in his own work, together with his dedication to the art, give him much insight regarding how he can help you with your work. He is willing to do all of that, which makes him one who shares the art with you, not just a teacher. He is also one who encourages his students to the best of their capabilities. What he says is always meant to open the student's mind to the ways which lead to creativity.”

Petronila Cleto, art student