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Fruit Instructor:
Aries Cheung

Aries Cheung studied graphic design and illustration at the Hong Kong Polytechnics University, and received his BFA from York University.

A professional illustrator, visual artist and graphic designer for over twenty years, he specializes in oil, watercolour, pencil and digital media. His illustrations have appeared in books, magazines, television and advertising. His art has been exhibited in solo and group shows in Hong Kong and Canada.

Twins Cheung has been trained in classical art. But he often goes beyond realism, exploring other art styles, such as surrealism and expressionism. He is particularly interested in creating visually experimental and whimsical characters for children. He has illustrated a number of children’s books for various publishers in Canada and USA.

He has facilitated public school students in the making of art, crafts and art quilt, and has taught art to adults and children. He has also conducted workshops in dance, mime, and acting for schools and community organizations.

Cheung lives and works in Toronto, frequently contributing his artistic skills to non-profit cultural organizations and community events. He has taught at the Artists and Performers for School and Community (MASC) Conference. He is a programing committee member at the A Space Gallery, a member of the Canadian Children’s Book Centre, and has been an art grant jury member for the Toronto Arts Council.

Illustration by Aries Cheung © 2002
Top: Still Life, Oil on paper, 1998
Bottom: Twins, watercolour on paper
, 2003